“Inspection of Medical Devices for Regulatory Purposes”

Book “Inspection of Medical Devices for Regulatory Purposes” was promoted by Springer in Sarajevo, 2017.

The book is published within a series of publications in the field of medical engineering and provides the details necessary for the implementation of European directives on a new approach in the field of medicine, through a system of verification of medical devices with measuring function. The book describes in detail the processes, procedures and requirements for the introduction of medical devices with measuring function into legal metrology.

Editors of the book are Almir Badnjević (Verlab), Mario Cifrek, Ratko Magjarević and Zijad Džemić, while 21 world experts from the field of electrical engineering, machinery, information technology and medicine have participated in its preparation.

One of the book promoters, the academician prof. Dr Mirsada Hukić says that a successful combination and collaboration of experts from various fields of engineering and medicine has resulted in the publication of an extremely important professional publication.



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